An Arrow In My Heart: A First Nation Woman’s Account of Survival from the Streets to the Height of Academia

By: Sharon L. Acoose, PhD


Within this heart wrenching yet hope filled autobiographical account of her life, Dr. Sharon L. Acoose (Associate Professor of Indigenous Social Work, First Nations University of Canada) allows us to walk with her, on her healing journey, through what was a life of despair (a life steeped in sexual abuse, family abandonment, life on the street, addictions, prostitution, violence and incarceration), to a fulfilling life grounded within sobriety and personal achievements; of which obtaining her PhD is one. Importantly, Dr. Acoose discusses lessons she learned along the way that may serve as signposts for those who are battling similar demons to the ones she had to overcome.

  • ISBN: 978-1-926476-01-8
    Price: $23.00
    Binding: Paperback
    Date: 2015
    Rights: World
    Pages: 101
    Size: 6″ x 9”

  • Table of Contents


    1. Introduction

    2. Arrow In My Heart

    3. Years Into The Darkness

    4. More Rigorous Adventures Of My Life On The Street

    5. Life In Jail: A World All It’s Own

    6. More Tales Of Woe From The Dark Side

    7. The Arrow In My Heart… Disappear

    About the Author

  • Sharon L. Acoose, PhD

    Sharon L. Acoose, PhD is a member of the Sakimay First Nation and Associate Professor of Indigenous Social Work at First Nations University of Canada.