Speaking the Wisdom of Our Time

Edited By: Catherine Richardson, PhD & Jeannine Carrière, PhD


Within this volume Métis stories of strength, courage and resistance are shared. Each of the chapters describe a need to re-examine how social policy is formulated and have impacted our relatives and continue to impact our children. Today we are faced with particular challenges on the planet and in our communities. We have stretched Mother Earth to the limits of her capacity and she is fighting back. As someone said, ‘we need the Earth, but the Earth does not need us’. One of the invitations of this time is to reduce our footprint, our consumption and to restore balance and harmony between mankind and the environment.

  • ISBN: 978-1-926476-35-3 (Paperback)
    Price: 33.00
    Binding: Paperback
    Date: July 2020
    Rights: World
    Pages: 168
    Size: 6”x9”

  • Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1
    By: Jeannine Carrière & Catherine Richardson

    Chapter 2
    Li nom di noor ka pawaachikayt (Dreaming Bear Man) – A Métis Two-Spirit Journey
    By: Duane Morrisseau-Beck

    Chapter 3
    miskâsowin & wâhkotowin: Coming into Being through Creation and Kinship
    By: Moe Clark and Michelle Smith

    Chapter 4
    Teaching from Our Values: Let’s Talk about Love, Respect and Care
    By: Elizabeth Fast and Vicky Boldo

    Chapter 5
    Weaving Strands of Metis Law
    By: Kerry Sloan

    Chapter 6
    Healing the Healer: Restoring a Métis Debrouillard Heart with the Tools of an
    Indigenous-Oriented Ethnopsychology
    By: Erin N. Gurr and Catherine Richardson/Kinewesquao

    Chapter 7
    Being Mindfully Métis in the Academy: From Soul Scorching to Spirit Soaring
    By: Angela Scott and Shanne McCaffrey

    Chapter 8
    Metis? metis? halfbreed? Indian?
    By: Janice Acoose and Rebecca Major

    Chapter 9
    “I just have this feeling of unsafeness in a health care setting”: Patriarchy
    and the Impact on Urban Métis Women’s Access to Health and Social Services
    in Toronto, Ontario
    By: Renée Monchalin, Janet Smylie, and Lindsay DuPré

    About the Authors

  • Catherine Richardson, PhD & Jeannine Carrière, PhD

    Jeannine Carrière, PhD is Métis and originally from the Red River area of southern Manitoba. Dr. Carrière is Professor of Social Work at the University of Victoria. Her research interests include Métis child wellness, Aboriginal adoptions and identity, advancing Indigenous knowledge’s and the rights of sex workers and their families. Dr. Carrière has been a practitioner in Aboriginal child and family services for over thirty years and has conducted several research projects related to her research interests with a number of publications. In 2008 Jeannine received the Adoptions Activist Award from the North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC). In 2017, Dr. Carrière was awarded the University of Victoria Provost’s Advocacy and Activism Award for her work in support of Indigenous peoples. Dr. Carrière just received a grant from Heritage Canada, Anti-Racism initiative to produce a film on contemporary Metis people Dr. Carrière is co-editor of Calling Our Families Home: Métis Peoples’ Experiences with Child Welfare (2017).

    Catherine Richardson/Kinewesquao, PhD is a Métis scholar and current Director of First Peoples Studies at Concordia University in Montreal. She is a former Associate Professor at the Université de Montréal. Prior to moving to Montreal, Dr. Richardson spent seven years as a Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Victoria. In 2013, she was the Chair of the Indigenous Specializations Program. Dr. Richardson is a co-founder of the Centre for Response-Based Practice, an organization dedicated to helping people recover from violence. She is a family therapist and received her Ph.D. in the School of Child and Youth Care in Victoria, British Columbia. In addition to this edited book, Dr. Richardson has authored, Belonging Métis (2016) and co-edited Calling Our Families Home: Métis Peoples’ Experiences with Child Welfare (2017).

  • This powerful collection revitalizes Métis teachings, history and perspectives and will inform social policy and public understandings of Métis identities, pedagogies, health, governance, and spirituality.

    Sarah Wright Cardinal, PhD

    Assistant Professor & Undergraduate Program Chair
    School of Child and Youth Care
    University of Victoria

    This book represents a remarkable collection of writing that reflects profound Métis knowledge and wisdom drawing on the insights of both historical and contemporary knowledge keepers. The result is a much needed and valuable resource to understanding Métis culture ranging from values to identity, land relationships, law and political acuity. It is an insightful and powerful tribute to Métis peoples and is certain to enhance your knowledge and understanding.

    Gwendolyn Gosek, PhD

    Assistant Professor
    School of Social Work
    University of Victoria

    This important book, with its exclusive focus on the work of women and two-spirit people, celebrates the unique wisdom and perspective of Métis scholars and communities. Its blend of personal narratives and culturally-connected research shows clearly why Métis voices must be amplified in academia and beyond.

    Lindsay Morcom, D.Phil.

    Associate Professor
    Canada Research Chair in Language Revitalization and Decolonizing Education
    Queen’s University